Wi-Care 200 : The wireless vibration solution for papermills

Papermills process thousands of kilometers of paper everyday. It is one of Sweden’s strongest industries. Sweden is ranked as the 3rd largest exporter of pulp, paper and sawn timber In 2015 the export value of Sweden’s paper production amounted to 127 billion Swedish Kronor.

Paper production is a very maintenance intensive process as process fibers are spun across large rotating rollers for drying and pressing. This creates hot and humid conditions and the process is dependent on the balanced and maintained spin of the rotors. The rotors are dependent on large roller bearings.

  • Wi-Care 200 Series

With Wi-Care’s innovative system it is possible to detect bearing faults early and track their progression. This allows the plant maintenance manager to schedule the optimal time for intervention having it occur during scheduled shutdowns and thus saving considerable expenses in the process.

At Vibrationsteknik AB we are the local distributor for Wi-Care’s innovative solutions in wireless vibration diagnostic. We can help you to install the system and provide training on its use and implementation into your maintenance regime.