Machine Balancing

In Sweden we have a word for balance ” Lagom ” . It means : not too much, not too little but instead just right. As everything, your machine rotors should also always be lagom. A well balanced rotor can run smooth and maintenance free for a long time.

Imbalances in machines occur when the weight distribution changes causing unbalance forces to strain the main shaft and bearings. This can be caused by many things. These forces intensify over time and cause damaging vibrations.

With machine balancing equipment you can identify these unbalance forces early and mitigate them.

If you want to learn more about vibrations and unbalance forces then visit our vibration school on our company homepage.

Our newly released & updated MEBalancer is the most economical solution on the market to perform 1 – or 2-plane balancing. It is easy to set-up and has plain text instructions for performing balancing operations. The vibration sensors connect to the MEBalancer via a wireless Bluetooth ™ sensor box. This allows you to operate at safe distances from the machines. Click below to request a quote.