Get started with predictive maintenance

Predictive Maintenance is the act of continually monitoring the condition of your machines in order to know when and which machines to maintain.

This way a business can increase machine utilisation through proactive maintenance, based on actual data rather than predetermined schedules

Nothing is more expensive than a machine that fails. In highly process dependent industries, one machine failing can mean the entire factory coming to a halt.

Vibration Analysis is the crucial tool in predictive maintenance. Thereby, you attach probes to your critical machinery which continuously monitor the vibration frequency and thereby can detect a large number of condition indicators well before they become a problem.

Our tools that we offer for this are training, intelligent products and services for machine measurements, trouble shooting and monitoring.

Do you want to get started in predictive maintenance ? Take the first step with our very own manufactured product the VTM-36 Vibrometer set.

The VTM-36 Vibrometer is easily understandable with a single display and a clear 3-mode measurement setting. It has our unique analysis mode for the bearing condition of your rotating machines which allows you to quickly and accurately determine when you need to lubricate or replace your bearings.

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